How Do You Spell ‘Assisting’? (Mnemonic Tips)

Spelling words correctly is crucial for clear communication, and “assisting” is one that often trips people up.

This article provides guidance and tips to ensure you never misspell this commonly used verb.

How Do You Spell Assisting? (Memorization Tips)

To spell “assisting” correctly, remember that it derives from the verb “assist” with an addition of “-ing.”

A useful mnemonic could be: “Always Start Slowly, Include Some Time, Invite New Growth,” which uses the first letter of each word to form “ASSISTING.” Breaking it down:

  • Always
  • Start
  • Slowly
  • Include
  • Some
  • Time
  • Invite
  • New
  • Growth

This mnemonic emphasizes a gradual approach, much like the act of assisting itself, and can help lock in the correct spelling.

Is It ‘Assistant’ or ‘Assistent’?

When referring to a person who helps or aids another in any type of task or duty, the correct spelling is “assistant.”

This term is widely used for roles ranging from administrative helpers to those who aid in professional settings like medical or teaching assistants.

The spelling “assistent” is incorrect in English, although it might be seen as a common misspelling. Always use “assistant” when you mean someone who assists.

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Other Common Misspellings of ‘Assisting’

Here are some of the most common misspellings of “assisting”:

  • Assissting
  • Asisting
  • Assiting
  • Assistin
  • Asissting

These variations often result from doubling the wrong consonant or omitting a consonant.

By using the mnemonic mentioned earlier, you can avoid these common errors and spell “assisting” correctly every time.

What ‘Assisting’ Means:

Definition of Assisting

Assisting (verb): the action of helping someone by sharing work or making it easier for them to do something.


The term “assisting” refers to the act of providing support or aid to someone, often in accomplishing a task or achieving a goal.

This can take various forms, such as providing physical help, offering advice or guidance, or simply being available to share the workload.

The essence of assisting is contributing to someone else’s efforts, making a process more manageable or efficient for them.

It’s commonly used in contexts ranging from everyday personal interactions to professional and organizational settings.

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