‘Yeet’ or Be ‘Yeeted’ Meaning, Examples & More

The phrase “yeet or be yeeted” has captured the imagination of internet users, evolving from a humorous expression to a cultural meme.

This playful yet impactful phrase encapsulates a modern take on a classic dilemma: act or be acted upon.

Yeet or Be Yeeted Meaning Explained

“Yeet” is a versatile slang term originally used to express excitement or approval, but it has also come to mean throwing something with force and enthusiasm.

When someone says “yeet,” it often implies vigorously launching an object or energetically embracing an action.

In contrast, “be yeeted” suggests being on the receiving end of the action—either being thrown or metaphorically overwhelmed by circumstances.

Thus, “yeet or be yeeted” humorously presents a choice: take bold action (throw), or passively face the consequences (be thrown).

The Origin of ‘Yeet’

The word “yeet” first gained popularity in the mid-2010s, particularly through social media and viral videos.

One of the earliest appearances was in a 2014 Vine video where a character exclaims “yeet” while making a throwing gesture.

This video not only popularized the term but also set the tone for its usage in contexts involving energy, enthusiasm, or abrupt motion.

Over time, “yeet” has been adopted into the broader internet lexicon, turning from a mere exclamation into a symbol of dynamic, spontaneous action.

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Here’s The Definition of ‘Yeet’ and ‘Yeeted’


Verb: To throw something with force and enthusiasm; to make a sudden movement or gesture of throwing. It’s also used to express excitement or approval, often loudly and abruptly.


Verb (past tense of yeet): To have thrown something with force; to have made a vigorous motion. It’s also informally used to describe someone or something being moved or propelled swiftly and powerfully.

These definitions capture the dynamic and energetic connotations of “yeet,” which have made it a popular term, especially among younger internet users.

Example Sentences Using ‘Yeet’

Excitement: “When she found out she won the lottery, she jumped up and yelled ‘Yeet!’ at the top of her lungs.”

Throwing: “Watch me yeet this ball across the field during our game of catch.”

General Exuberance: “Whenever his favorite song comes on, he just wants to yeet around the room in joy.”

Example Sentences Using ‘Yeeted’

Thrown Object: “He yeeted the pillow across the room in frustration during the movie night.”

Energetic Movement: “She yeeted herself out of the chair when she realized she was late for her appointment.”

Playful Action: “At the party, Mark yeeted his hat into the crowd as part of the celebration.”

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