‘Wagwan’: How to Reply and What It Means!

“Wagwan” is a casual greeting originating from Jamaican Patois, meaning “What’s going on?” or “What’s up?”

If you’re unsure of how to reply, here are some appropriate responses to choose from:

‘Wagwan’ Replies

Simple and Friendly:

  • “Not much, you?”
  • “I’m good, how about you?”

Casual and Informal:

  • “All good, bro/sis.”
  • “Just chilling, you?”


  • “Hey! All’s good, what about you?”
  • “Everything’s cool, how’s it going with you?”

Inquiring Further:

  • “Wagwan! How’s your day been?”
  • “What’s good? Any plans for today?”

My best advice is to choose a response that fits your relationship with the person and the context of your conversation.

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Wagman Meaning

“Wagwan” is a greeting derived from Jamaican Patois that means “What’s going on?” or “What’s happening?”

It’s similar to saying “What’s up?” in English and is commonly used in casual, friendly conversations.

The term is a contraction of “What a gwaan,” with “a” being a form of “is” and “gwaan” meaning “going on.”

I’ve heard it used here and there over the years. From the UK to the caribbean, it’s certainly a word that you’ll come across in the right circles.

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